751st MSG: Lincoln’s Raiders


The 751st Marine Strike Group: Lincoln’s Raiders is the Starfleet Marine Corps (SFMC) detachment assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809: which is a chapter member ofSTARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (SFI) located in the state of New York, USA. The SFMC is a social organization based upon the marines of the world. It is not military, paramilitary, or associated with any military force. As with our fleet brethren, we participate in the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry, but as the military arm of the Federation of Planets (UFP). Where Starfleet is the exploratory arm of the UFP, the marines are the protectors of the UFP. Fleet flies the skies and space, marines runs the ground plate-side. The Branch of Service (BOS) within the SFMC the 751st serves in is the MECHA Branch.

Mecha, sometimes just referred to as mech, are anthropomorphic combat vehicles listed under the heavy mechanized artillery department, initially under the tank division. The easiest method of describing a mech is a tank on legs. There are a number of key areas for personnel to fall into. While there are pilots, the number needed is limited to the number of mech units assigned to the MSG. Members can assume fictional roles within the group to enhance their enjoyment of Star Trek. The benefit of being a member of the 751st is that we incorporate Star Trek, Mecha, and the Marines all into one.

As a detachment assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809 we function as a ship’s department. Therefore, any and all functions and events hosted by the Abraham Lincoln we participate with. Some events hosted by the chapter and participated in annually include: annual BBQ, conventions, summits, movies, meetings and Star Trek related functions, parties and celebrations. There are a number of activities to be a part of, enough for all. One of the benefits of being a SFI and SFMC member is the chance to challenge your knowledge by participating in the two academies.

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