About Us


“With malice toward none, with charity for all.”

The USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809 is a chapter-member of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. located in New York, USA; based out of\ Garnerville but including the Hudson Valley. The chapter formed in 2009 and the fictional timeline of the chapter was originally set in the Trek calendar year of 2386. The Star Trek: Voyager series ended in the Trek calendar of 2378; Star Trek: Nemesis movie was set in the Trek calendar year do 2379.

While aboard the chapter each member takes on the role, a persona, of a Starfleet officer who is serving on the starship, exploring new ways of having fun and socializing with people who share a love of science fiction. The chapter hosts monthly meetings that are generally set on a Saturday. The Abraham Lincoln also participates in many events that include, but is not limited to: BBQ’s and picnics, movies, parties or celebrations, trips to local tourist attractions, and Sci-Fi conventions.

When a person signs aboard the Abraham Lincoln, the member may choose to serve within one of the chapter’s departments:

  • Command (Finance, Personnel, Legal)
  • Operations (Conn, Ops, Shuttle Pilot)
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Sciencs
  • Security
  • Ship Service (Quartermaster, Commissary, Civilians)
  • Tactical
  • Marines

Membership to the Abraham Lincoln is open to any STARFLEET, Int. member in good standing, although the chapter is classified as a meeting chapter. Even though the Abraham Lincoln is classified as a meeting chapter we use several communications mediums to keep in touch and reach the membership base. At present we use the Internet such as: email, listserv, Facebook, messaging and video conferencing.

Each member of the Abraham Lincoln is entitled to:

  • ID Card (chapter)
  • Membership Handbook (electronic copy)
  • Constitution (electronic copy)
  • Crew Roster (electronic copy)
  • Chapter History/Chronology (elctronic copy)
  • Membership access to our Facebook page

The Abraham Lincoln has the special honor of having Vaughn Armstrong (who portrayed Admiral Forrest on Star Trek: Enterprise), Michael Dante (who portrayed Maab on Star Trek: the Original Series episode “Friday’s Child”) and J.G. Hertzler (General/Chancellor Martok DS9) as members of the crew that are listed on special assignment. In addition, the Abraham Lincoln is equipped with the Zhang Heng, a Prius Class Shuttlepod owned and operated by Willie Yee.

Shuttle Zhang Heng: Prius Class Shuttlepod

Are you up to the challenge of exploring “strange new worlds”? Want to “seek out new life forms and new civilizations”? If you are, contact us and we will beam you aboard. The chapter’s motto comes from Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural speech. You can read his speech posted here on our site.