Every organization has a command structure. This is necessary to run the organization efficiently and effectively. The USS Abraham Lincoln is no different. The Command structure is: Commanding officer – Executive Officer – 2nd Officer – Department Heads. There are a number of sub – departments in the Command Department. They include Command (Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), 2nd Officer), Finance (Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief of Staff and Legal.

DEPARTMENT HEAD: CO – Rear Admiral Keith S. Shikowitz


The Captain is the ultimate commander of the spaceship. He/she is responsible for its safe and efficient operation and ensuring that the vessel complies with state or company policies. All persons on board, including officers, crew, passengers and guests are under the Captain’s authority and are his/her ultimate responsibility. For most situation, the Captain have the final say in almost all matter.

Executive Officer
The Executive Officer (XO) is second-in-command after the captain and also the head of the Bridge Department on a vessel. The Executive Officer assumes command of the whole ship in the absence or incapacitation of the Captain. More details on the Executive Officer under the Bridge sections

Second Officer
The Second Officer is the General-On-Board (GOB). He/she is third-in-command. The General assumes command of the whole ship in the absence or incapacitation of both the Captain and the Chief Officer. More details on the General under the Military section.

Chief of Staff
An administrative role, the Chief of Staff act as a personal advisor to the captain.